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ProbeLeader has been deeply involved in the semiconductor industry for many years, upholds the spirit of corporate citizenship, spares no effort in participating in social welfare. We committed to integrating the power of employees, serving the people and giving back to the society. It not only provides employees with high-quality workplaces, but also leads employees to provide social values that create truth, kindness and beauty, and implement corporate sustainable values. Practice the friendly connection between enterprises and society.



Social Participation
ProbeLeader participated in a number of social welfare activities, and was awarded the Excellent Manufacturer of Hsinchu City Industrial Model in 2018 and 2022, which was deeply recognized by all walks of life



Environmental Care


As a part of the semiconductor industry chain, ProbeLeader is very concerned about environmental issues. We not only actively participate in activities related to beach cleanup, but also follow environmental laws and regulations, implement the concept of "prevention is better than cure" and improve environmental management. Use high-quality green products, fulfill the responsibilities of energy saving, waste reduction and environmental protection, and reduce the impact of enterprises on the environment and ecosystem. Be a responsible corporate citizen.

【ProbeLeader-Assessment of Corporate Carbon Emission Management Execution in ESG20220731】




Friendly Workplace


In the "Sexual Harassment Prevention Act.", ProbeLeader clearly declares to protect the human rights of employees, including basic legal requirements, freedom of employment, humane treatment, prohibition of inappropriate discriminatory harassment, and further establishes a diverse and effective communication mechanism and complaint channel.