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Welcome to join the ProbrLeader

Welcome to join the ProbrLeader (stock ticker 5246) family, 
find your own stage and create a future with infinite possibilities!


ProbrLeader provides a comfortable working environment, considerate services and care. We respect and love every colleague, complete personal learning and development plans, and uphold the belief of integrity, innovation, teamwork, and common good.




    1. Profit and achievement sharing, company operation profit sharing bonus. 
    2. Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, year-end bonus and gift certificates for three festivals.
    3. Annual promotion system based on personal performance. 
    4. Performance bonuses based on work performance.
    5. Encourage colleagues to recommend excellent working partners to join ProbrLeader, and provide introduction bonuses.
    6. Recognition and awards for senior colleagues. 
    7. Full-time employees can have special leave after half a year.
    8. Two days off per week, maternity leave, paternity leave and menstrual leave are provided according to labor law.
    9. Special one-day wedding leave for you and your spouse's siblings.

    1. Labor insurance, health insurance and 6% is allocated to the labor pension account monthly according to the contribution grading table 
    2. Free group insurance including group insurance, accident insurance, and medical insurance
    3. Travel insurance for overseas business trips. 
    4. Professional medical consultation and assistance
    5. Regular health check
    6. Professional doctors come to the company irregularly to provide free health consultation for colleagues

    1. Employees’Family Day 
    2. Birthday allowance
    3. Employees traveling on their own can receive company subsidies 
    4. Year-end party
    5. Movie tickets irregularly
    6. Allowances for marriage, childbirth and funeral
    7. Provide special store discounts 




Comprehensive Training System

  • Comprehensive training for new recruits
  • Safety and health education and training for employees
  • Professional technical training
  • General and fundamental training

Retirement System

According to labor law, the company allocates retirement reserves based on the total wages of employees every month and deposits them in the "Company Pension Fund Special Account" opened by the Central Trust Bureau. 

According to Labor Pension Act, the company will pay 6% of the amount to the personal pension account set up by the Labor Insurance Bureau based on the personal contribution in every month; if there is a voluntary contribution to the pension, it will be paid from the employee's monthly salary according to the voluntary contribution rate (below 6%) On behalf of the agency, withhold to the individual pension account of the Labor Insurance Bureau.

Recruit Contact Information

Job opportunities: The latest jobs are published in 104 Job Bank, please directly link to the job announcement on the 104 website.

Human Resources Departmen:+886-3-5302300


How to get to ProbrLeader? Link to Google map ?

  • Company Address : No. 16, JinShui Street,Hsin Chu,Taiwan, R. O. C.
  • Take the train : Get off at HsinChu Railway Station, transfer to a taxi, the journey takes about 10 minutes.
  • Take the high-speed rail : Get off at Zhubei Station, transfer to a taxi, the journey takes about 15 minutes
  • Car driving :
    From Exit 103k of the Zhongshan Highway, proceed in the direction of Hsinchu. Take the Qadong Scenic Highway/County Road 117. After reaching the end, make a left turn onto Nuipu East Road. Continue straight for approximately 1 kilometer, then make a right turn onto Nuipu South Road, and make another right turn into Jinshui Street to arrive at the company.