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Digital Microscope (Handheld Type)

Adjustable polarizing wheel
It can block or reduce all kinds of glare to facilitate the judgment of the nature of the observed object.
Suitable for industrial products, suitable for IC pins, wafer (Wafer) detail observation, metal materials and other highly reflective objects.
Two-stage mask design
The front of the fuselage is designed with a detachable front cover, which can be matched with various masks to obtain the best image quality
Micro Touch micro touch switch.
Lightly touch the switch on the top of the fuselage with your finger to work
Photo and video recording and video post-production.
File notes and classification management can be carried out to meet the needs of users who need to record objects.
Image and post-production functions can be adjusted.

Magnification: 20-200 times/400-470 times/500-550 times/700-900 times
The magnification style can be selected according to the needs of use.