Employee Benefits

ProbeLeader shares benefits and achievements with our employees:

1. Profit sharing.
2. Annual promotion.
3. Performance bonus.
4. Annual bonus.
5. To encourage employees recommending the
    outstanding new comers to join us, we provide
    the recommended bonus.

Comprehensive benefits to take care of our employees:

1. Consummated labor and health insurance.
2. Foreign business travelling insurance.
3. Group accident insurance.
4. Annual leaves / Compensation days.
5. Saturday and Sunday off.
6. Menstruation leave.
7. Paternity leave.
8. Special one day leave for the weddings of the
    individuals and spouses' brothers and sisters.

Diversified benefits and employees activities:

1. Three Chinese festivals coupons / gifts.
2. Birthday allowance.
3. Weddings and funerals compensation fee.
4. Various contracted stores.
5. Cheerful year-end party.
6. Employees travelling allowance.
7. Free employees family day.
8. Free movie tickets (irregularly).
9. Medical examination (regularly).


1. New-hired orientation.
2. Employee health and safety training.
3. Professional technology training.
4. General skills training.

HR Contact Window:

(03)530-2300 # 222 Ms. Lydia Pan

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